Why Choose Us

At AEB we have always considered ourselves more than just a technology company. We view ourselves as the teammate whose job it is to ensure the right person can get his hands on the ball at the right time. Everyone on a team has a skill set and a job to match. The point guard’s job is not the same as the backup center. Our job is to play to our skillset to ensure your teams success.

Merriam- Webster defines value as the relative worth, or importance of something. The question then becomes how do customers value IT services. There are many different types of Autos with an even greater disparity in quality. Fast expensive sports cars may be great if you’re looking to get somewhere fast, impress some people, and thrill in the feel of the engine roaring. But if your trying to haul some pallets of scrap metal across town it’s probably not the right car for the job. Conversely taking a semi for a routine trip to the supermarket is probably not the most practical approach. What does this have to do with value? Value is created when there a clear understanding of what the person is getting for their investment. How do you value knowing your car will turn on every morning? How do you value knowing your network will function optimally so you can run your business? How do you value the ability to have a team of engineers available for each unique job? How do you value feeling safe in the vehicle you’re driving? If your car is not maintained , the tires bald, or the breaks worn down is there a risk there? Is there value sitting in a a luxury auto with fine leather seats and magnificent wood grain interior? At AEB we provide that value. We allow your business to function optimally at all times, with the proper maintenance, and yes in the event of an “accident” the proper staff and tools to ensure your back in the game.

Our goal is simple, to provide outstanding IT services at a fair price to our clients so that their business functions optimally. Our business model reflects that. We are upfront and honest. We do not sell “products” and are vendor agnostic, so that we are able to make recommendations to our clients that are in their best interest. If you are looking for value in a consultant to do the job right and stand by their work, then we are the company for you.