Hybrid Cloud Computing

As business increasingly consider cloud-based alternatives such as Software as a Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service the landscape is changing for IT.  Cloud is forcing IT’s evolution from that of service provider to that of service broker.  Given the choice of managing around cloud technologies or addressing them, IT should embrace cloud options by implementing an efficient and effective hybrid cloud strategy.

Although today’s technology is not capable of implementing a seamless hybrid cloud environment, it continues to improve, and as it does, IT will evolve from being a provider of services to becoming a broker of technologies.  IT will find itself as more of an intermediary for the business–helping with contracts, managing relationships, resolving problems, and providing both customization and integration services.

AEB assists with this IT transformation throughout the entire process, beginning with business objectives and requirements, continuing through hybrid cloud technology selection, and finally  implementation. AEB can also assist with the brokerage role itself, supplying customization and integration services.