Unified Computing

As you develop your cloud strategy, ensuring that higher-impact servers are part of the total solution means that your business can take full advantage of the savings offered  by virtualization technologies.

AEB  can unite your computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system based on a next-generation data center platform.

Desktop Virtualization

Businesses today are increasingly turning to solutions that help reduce the costs associated with managing the desktop, while addressing business resiliency and security. Champion’s Desktop Virtualization solutions deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device with all of the benefits of centralized management. We help companies design, develop, install, and manage a complete desktop strategy.

Data Center Virtualization

An optimized and pervasive virtualized data center minimizes costs while enhancing availability and recoverability. It also provides the foundation for increased automation, speed and agility gained by transforming to IT as a Service.

AEB can help your organization enjoy the benefits of pervasive virtualization through a well-designed virtualized data center.  By transitioning your tier-1, mission-critical, and regulated servers to a virtualized environment, you reduce the cost and complexity required to support a physical and virtual environment, making it easier to successfully implement a private or hybrid cloud. Our strategic relationships empower our clientele with progressive – but proven – data center solutions.