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AE BackOffice’s infrastructure and design practice serving the AEC industry works with developers and owners to offer safe and secure facilities designed to economically support technology for enhanced living experiences.

Our professionals work in concert with clients resulting in custom designs that meet needs for function while satisfying aesthetics. Environments enhanced by AE BackOffice designs are governed by intelligent building systems that facilitate automated and predictive decision-making while allowing operators timely insights. Intelligent building systems require reliable communications across systems which we enable through converged networks. Upon common converged networks, and with structured cabling, systems such as security, audio-visual, power usage, parking, ventilation, heating, fire alarms, and more, are successfully integrated to simplify all areas of facilities management

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These operational efficiencies magnify the value and the marketability of properties by providing safer environments and mitigating risks for both occupants and owners. Also, by meeting heightened expectations for connectivity and interactivity, AE BackOffice information technology designs allow residents to enjoy fully modern technology experiences with full support for increasingly powerful consumer electronic devices and their associated applications.

To fully realize the benefits of our integrated technology design, we recommend partnering with AE BackOffice early in the project design and construction phases so that our respective teams can coordinate and fully validate all designs prior to construction and occupancy.

Technology Systems Master Planning
Project Management and Implementation
Technology Infrastructure Design
Security Systems Design
Voice and Data Network Systems Design
Audiovisual Systems Design
Technology Systems Integration
Wireless networks
Technology Services and Operations Support
Distributed Antennae Systems
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Building Systems Integration